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Month / November 2014

Sunday Morning Bicycle Ride in the Fall

Starting in mid-August I begin to wait for all of the wonderful things that fall brings.  It starts with college and pro football, fall fashion magazines, the new fall television shows, apple cider and donuts, crisp mornings and evenings, breaking out the hoodies and fall boots, snuggling under the blankets and the changing color of […]

Mackinac Island: Life is Sweet!

  Last winter we watched the excellent documentary Ice Bridge:  Mackinac Island’s Hidden Season and while we were not ready to rent snowmobiles to visit Mackinac Island in the middle of a very harsh winter, we decided to visit the island in the summer.  It had been over thirty-five years since I had visited Mackinac Island […]

Are You Ready For Some Football!!

  House Rule #18 – Don’t Mess with Mom while Manning is Playing My mother previously blogged about loving Sunday mornings, but she failed to mention that from September to Super Bowl Sunday everyone in the family knows that nothing can interfere with watching Peyton Manning and NFL Sunday Ticket.  You can trust me on […]

Neighborhood Friends

Deer hunting season begins tomorrow and I want to invite all of my neighborhood friends over to hideout and have a playdate (unlike my mother, I am an extrovert).  I have the perfect outfit to wear so I can hide out in the woods with you.  I usually only have my playdates at my grandma’s […]

Sunday Mornings

  I have never asked another introvert which part of the week is their favorite, but as an introvert I would choose Tuesday, Thursday night and Sunday morning.  The latest DVD and book new releases are on Tuesdays and I have discovered for social occasions I prefer going out on Thursday night compared to Friday […]

An Introvert’s Best Friend

Yorkie’s Guide to La Dolce Vita – Lesson 1)  Find the Perfect Partner One of the first lessons in La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) is to value your loved ones and to find that special someone who brings love, happiness, adventure and companionship into your world on a daily basis.  I have been lucky to […]