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Month / September 2015

Peyton Manning #18 – For The Love of the Game

Leading up to Sunday night’s NFL match-up between the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions, there was plenty of sports talk about witnessing the final days of Peyton Manning’s career and questioning his ability to lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl this year.  For those of us who put on our Manning jerseys (there were […]

Window Displays and Fall Fashion at Somerset Collection

For many years the art of shopping consisted of visiting a few stores and looking for clothing from favorite designers (Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors), but lately shopping has evolved into a chance to wander through malls and main streets admiring window displays.  It is surprising what catches your attention, when you are not focused […]

The Ripples of Simple Enjoyment

  The cool morning shrouded in darkness and fog, slowly gave way to a sunrise that turned the fog into a golden mist of pleasure.  Floating through the pink and gold shadows reflecting across the water, the quiet beauty is transformed by a simple drop of water sliding off a kayak paddle, gently hitting the […]

Fighting To Bloom Another Day

What a summer!  I have spent the summer by the lake enjoying glorious sunrises in an unattended garden dodging rabbits and lawn tractors.  My neighbor, the pink rose, was not as fortunate and met its fate earlier this week by the lawn tractor blades after weeks of the bunnies nipping on her leaves.  Another summer […]

Letting Go of “Why?” To Be Free To Wander

As we wander alone on the shores of tranquility are we able to quiet our minds for a moment of silence and reflection or do our minds resemble a Lake Michigan rip current that sweeps through with a sudden force as the winds of doubt crash into the large waves of unanswered “whys?” swirling in […]

“Home Is Where The Heart Is”

It seems that over the last month the news has been filled with countless stories about the devastating loss of lives and homes in natural disasters, such as wildfires and floods, and man-made disasters of refugees forced to flee their homes in war-torn countries.  Not only has this seemed prevalent over the last month, but […]

Morning Visitors

I would like to say I came across our morning visitors on a quiet morning with slivers of blue sky visible through the trees, the sound of birds saying good morning to one another and leaves falling through the trees, but in reality the quiet morning was drowned out by Gabby running through the house […]

Peyton Manning, NFL Sunday Ticket and Pizza – Life Is Good!!

The 2015 NFL Season officially begins in our house today with the return of Peyton Manning for his 18th season hopefully leading the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl victory over Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys (we are done talking about our MLB World Series dream, Nationals/Tigers, which did not end well).  Both teams […]

Ready for Kickoff!!!

Fall weather has arrived, the donuts and cider are ready and a full day of college football is on the schedule.  First up, University of Michigan vs. Oregon St. at noon, followed up by #9 Notre Dame against Virginia, and, you know it’s the biggest game of the day since ESPN College GameDay is live […]

35 Years of Enjoying AC/DC’s Back in Black Album

Earlier this week my husband and I had the chance to see one of my favorite groups, the Australian rock band AC/DC, when their Rock or Bust World Tour made a stop at Ford Field in Detroit.  The last time I saw AC/DC live was in 1988 for the Blow Up Your Video Tour at […]

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