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Month / October 2015

Even in the Midst of Dark Clouds, Always Hope for a Silver Lining

The first glimpse through the blinds toward the darkened early morning sky offers no clue as to what the universe has planned for the day.  Will the world greet us with threatening dark clouds that give way to a torrential downpour that drenches the spirit or clouds that transform the morning into an amazing sky that […]

I Kind Of Understand How He Feels

After a few days of dealing with the aftermath of fall colors, a computer crash (thank god for backups) and a broken furnace (a new one is needed), today I kind of understand the bad attitude of this swan.  Unfortunately, this swan seems to have a bad attitude all year as he chases away the […]

An Introvert’s Weekend Getaway

The stars have aligned this weekend for an introvert’s perfect weekend reading getaway. Notre Dame, Michigan and Peyton Manning have the weekend off, rainy weather is expected all day and the books M Train and Just Kids, by Patti Smith, are waiting on a table by the fireplace. Surprisingly, an introvert’s perfect weekend is not […]

Fall Is In The Air

Fall is in the air and the chance to enjoy the beauty of the season each day becomes a little more challenging as the daylight hours fade away earlier and our Michigan weather fluctuates between blue skies, heavy clouds, rain and the surprising first snow flakes of the season last weekend.  If the skeletons, scarecrows, […]

Fall Colors and the Leaves Falling Down

The gorgeous display of fall colors has arrived and blanketed the State of Michigan in beautiful hues of orange, yellow and red.  Throughout the state there is still time for a fall drive down a favorite county road to discover what colorful display may greet you around the next bend while listening to Van Morrison. […]

Precious Time Alone

What is it about the sight of a solitary leaf, an individual chair, an empty pier and a lone fisherman and sailor that brings such a feeling of admiration at the beauty and quiet strength of being at peace with yourself when you are alone and away from the noise of the world.   A […]

Morning Calm

A moment of morning calm is needed after yesterday’s exciting, heartbreaking, unbelievable, excruciating, mind-blowing, exhausting and exhilarating football game between the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines that immediately joined the college football highlight reel of unbelievable finishes when Michigan State broke the hearts of Michigan fans everywhere when they scored a last second touchdown […]

#7 Michigan State Spartans vs. #12 Michigan Wolverines

Today not only are the Skeletons of Northville divided over the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines football game, but the state and many households will be divided over their favorite home team. One thing the State of Michigan will be united on today, is watching the game this afternoon at 3:30 on ESPN.

Celebrate Life’s Moments

Sometimes all it takes is a shared smile, a bench to share with someone special, simple joys of the season and the beauty of fall to remind us to celebrate life’s moments.

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