“Shhh. Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I’m Hunting . . .”

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Shhh.  Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting squirrels and woodchucks (not wabbits), but they think they’re as clever as Bugs Bunny.

Shhh.  She doesn’t know I’m hiding behind a different tree.

Shhh.  She’s distracted by the squirrel, time to make a run for the woods.

12 Replies to ““Shhh. Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I’m Hunting . . .””

      1. I have yet to try that one. Started watching a movie called Pip today with Hugh Laurie in it and a young very vivid black actress, and it is set around Great Expectations. seems very good.

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      2. welcome. I am watching Marco Polo and it is very good, violent somewhat like Game of Thrones but very watchable. I have shifted my blogs to another site Rose Journal as Canny Catnip Nook has run out of space for photos! the movie was Mr. Pip. very nice.

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      3. I have not seen Game of Thrones or Marco Polo. I finally started the 2nd season of Bloodline and I would probably quit watching if Kyle Chandler was not in the series. What is the website address of your new site?


      4. Yes I too watched Bloodline because of Kyle Chandler! Marco Polo is nowhere near as good as Game Of Thrones and Marco Polo himself is the most dull, boring actor in the show which is awful! the women are lovely, costumes are great and Benedict Wong, playing Kubla Khan is good but it is too slow and heavy. my blog is called rose-journal and the website is dakshahathi.com . this has happened due to wordpress mixing up maybe confusing my name for the website that my brother had paid up for, thinking I would get more space to put in my photos! Game of Thrones is excellent but bloody! there are killings every week! I am not watching it any more but it is superior to Marco Polo.

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      5. Thanks for sending the info on your new blog. Game of Thrones seems to be very popular, but it’s not a show I have been interested in watching. I just finished the final season of Person of Interest and was disappointed in the shortened season and ending.


      6. There was a good British series called The Escape Artist with David Tennant in it. have you watched it? You might like it. There was another chilling one in which his wife was murdered?

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