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Month / January 2017

Nature’s Playlist

Are you ready Steve? Uh-huh Andy? Yeah Mick? Okay Alright fellas, let’s go! The Sweet – The Ballroom Blitz Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – George Michael and Elton John Fox On The Run – The Sweet Take Me To The River – Talking Heads Who Are You? – The Who

Birds and Snowflakes

One could almost forget the cold on this gray January day watching the snowflakes falling while visiting these beautiful birds that are being cared for at a Nature Center due to injuries leaving them unable to be returned to the wild.  The birds seemed curious about their visitors, but made it quite clear they were […]

Fog – Fifty Word Story

The gloomy fog of disinterest that shadowed her waking hours escalated into a running nightmare of despair once asleep.  A barbed wire fence blocked every escape and the endless violent swirl of branches drawing blood from her arms offered the only proof in her daily existence that she was alive.

The Sky Is Crying

The sky is crying after being unable to see all the adorable chickadees flying around during the last four days of fog. As is the case when you see someone else cry, the eastern red cedar automatically began crying with they sky. The berry was holding it together and then the tears began to fall when […]

Fog and Ice

In winter there is no heat, no light, no noon, evening touches morning, there is fog, and mist, the window is frosted, and you cannot see clearly.  The sky is but the mouth of a cave.  The whole day is the cave.  The sun has the appearance of a pauper. Frightful season!  Winter changes into […]

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