It was a beautiful summer weekend with blue skies, sunshine, and record-setting warm temperatures.  The only indication that it was actually February, and not June, was the frozen lakes.

While I did not see any people laying out in the sun, only swans, the parks were full of bike riders and walkers in shorts and the roads were buzzing with motorcycles and classic cars.

I saw my first flower of the year and Gabby’s friends were stopping by to see if she could come out and play.

Some birds were arriving in groups and announcing their presence, and

others were making a dramatic entrance

and showing off their landing skills.

11 Replies to “Summer In February”

    1. Thank you! It’s always funny when we have that first warm day after winter when everyone with cabin fever races out of the house for the first time since the arrival of winter. Very unusual that it happened in February, but it was a wonderful break before winter returns next weekend.

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