Looking toward the billowing clouds in the sky during the morning, one could almost imagine it was going to be a somewhat normal Wednesday.

All of that changed when you stepped outside and looked toward the trees swaying and bending and the water whipping across the lake.

Rarely sighted on this lake, the bufflehead chose a fine time for a visit, arriving on a day with a ten hour high wind warning.

As wind gusts reached 60 mph, the bufflehead spent the morning bobbing in the swirling water and, by days end,

the bufflehead realized he chose the wrong day to visit and the state would have over 800,000 without power, 4,000 downed power lines and no count for the toppled trees.  While we were lucky to be spared the loss of power or trees, the destruction was serious and many would be without power for a very cold weekend.

13 Replies to “Fine Time For A Visit”

    1. We’ve never had wind like that, especially on a day with blue skies, no storms and lasting that long. There are still 600,000 without power and it’s going to be cold and windy today. I haven’t seen the buffleheads again and I do believe we have a few out-of-state visitors at the bird feeder.

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      1. Things are usually pretty good within 12 hours of any storm in urban areas. Out in rural areas, it can take utility companies a bit of time to get power grid back up. Highway crew do a good job with snow and ice. When they know something nasty is coming, they’ve started spraying a salt solution on roadways prior to storm. It lowers the freezing point of ice pellets, sleet, so it doesn’t freeze to roadway. But, they still sand, salt and plow like there is no tomorrow.

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      2. With this size of outage and the fact that other states around us had trouble and could not send extra trucks, they will be working hard to have the power back by Sunday. The latest update has 400,000 still without power.


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