The ruddy ducks stopped by on their migratory trip and were enjoying the lake until the two red-tailed hawks appeared.  The image of the hawks has been cropped and at the time the photo was taken I was unsure of what type of birds were in the tree.  When I initially saw a bird diving after the ducks, I thought the eagle had returned.  After a few days of the hawks refusing to come closer for a better shot, the next time I saw them fly across the lake I jumped in the Jeep with the camera hoping to track them down. 

Around the bend, I was able to find the hawk perched in a tree surveying a swan on its nest along the shore.  The male swan was keeping guard and the hawk, who had no problem diving after the ruddy ducks, quietly watched for a moment before flying away.

In a manner of minutes both hawks were circling in the sky and after standing below them,

I could completely understand why the ruddy ducks would skedaddle the moment they spotted the hawks.

The flybys continued for about ten minutes and while a small group of ducks remained at the lake throughout the afternoon, this was my last sighting of the hawks.

It has been a few days since these shots were taken and the ruddy ducks have moved on to their next stop.  Obviously the hawks were there to visit the ducks and not me, because I have not seen them since the ducks left.

20 Replies to “Skedaddle”

    1. Thank you! That was a rough overtime loss for Calgary and I was not ready for this much hockey stress in the first round. The Chicago Blackhawks are down 3-0 and I want all four teams in the Capitals/Maple Leafs and Rangers/Canadiens series to advance to the next round.


    1. Thanks so much for noticing that it was an osprey. I thought at first that maybe I had mixed up my photos, since I have my first posting on an osprey nest tomorrow, but the photo was taken when I drove after the hawks and somehow an osprey joined the party and I failed to notice the differences.


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