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Month / September 2017

The Week In Seven Photos

Upon the arrival of autumn, beautiful mums and pumpkins made their appearance throughout neighborhoods while ghostly eyes silently watched from a distance. During the record-setting temperatures and the hottest day of the year occurring in autumn, the cars were flaming hot and I found some interesting characters to celebrate with over the great news of Bryce Harper […]

Weathered Layers

They had weathered many storms together, each one slightly eroding the strength of their roots, exposing another layer of broken promises and leaving little strength to pick-up the broken pieces.  The paper-thin strands of bark matched the paleness of her shaking hands as she leaned against the old birch and wondered when the next storm […]

Lingering Flame Of Summer

Gracefully standing in the flower bed as autumn winds gently caress her glowing petals, the Stella de Oro daylily begins dancing through the air.  The ballad of autumn matches her beat with a cascading mixture of rustling leaves, the sweet melody of birds singing and the drumbeat of acorns raining down.  The last lingering flame […]

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