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Month / November 2017

The Week In Seven Photos

A challenging week for photography now that the kayak has been put away for winter and instead of the snow arriving we have had many cold and rainy days.  I may be hiding in the house until the last leaves on the ground are covered with snow.  Thankfully, the neighborhood wildlife offered a variety of […]

A November Morning

Gloria Jean’s Macadamia Cookie Coffee…Oatmeal Raisin Cookie…Deer and Birds…Gabby Barking…A Little Rain…A Little Snow…Not Talking About College Football


The turkeys are trying to find a place to hide. The squirrels are preparing for winter. The deer are keeping their heads low and looking for a place to hide. Great college football games – Notre Dame vs. Miami this Saturday night! After countless bags of leaves, waiting for the last leaf to drop! Color […]