It’s impossible to get through a weekend without at some point watching Gabby try to decide what we should order at Starbucks.  We can highly recommend the maple pecan muffins!

We have been watching mums appear on every corner

and adorable scarecrows riding through town.

There was a chance to watch beautiful fall colors reflecting on a pond before

the rain and fog rolled in, the fall colors disappeared and we were sent back indoors to have a wonderful afternoon watching Tea with the Dames and Always at the Carlyle.

It was a great sports weekend to have your game face on, first watching Manchester United possibly save Jose Mourinho’s job for another week with an exciting comeback win over Newcastle United 

and then extra snacks were needed while watching both the New York Yankees even the series with the Boston Red Sox and Notre Dame defeat Virginia Tech.

18 Replies to “Weekend Watching”

    1. Thank you!🙂 I love this time of year and the beautiful autumn days are going by too fast (even the days that are still warm and muggy!!). Gabby loves Starbucks and has already let me know we have to stop for a coffee and delicious maple pecan muffin this morning!😁

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The Tottenham match that morning was not very exciting, even though they won, and then the first half of Manchester United really had me wondering why I wasn’t just watching college football. I was shocked to watch them make that comeback and am already looking forward to a win against Chelsea on the 20th.😁

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  1. Those maple pecan muffins are tempting, but I think it is a six hour round trip for us to the nearest Starbucks – an expensive treat!
    Great photos once again, and yes, Mourinho seems to have extended his survival (for now…)

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The Manchester United drama continues and while I was ready to completely give up at halftime, I’m now predicting a win against Chelsea on the 20th (if Mourinho is still coaching).😁 Six hours??? I don’t know if Gabby could survive without a Starbucks in every town we visit.😁


      1. I had to google the closest Starbucks – thought it would be in Nanaimo (six hour trip) but there is one in Port Alberni, way closer and only a three hour round trip! ☕️ Still wouldn’t pass the Gabby survival test…

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