The Week In Seven Photos

After years of having the cardinals scatter the moment I entered the yard with my camera, it’s been wonderful to finally have a bird feeder and placement they love where the cardinals are in their comfort zone.

On the other hand, I wish the squirrels sometimes weren’t so comfortable in every bird feeder and learned how to take turns.

Often my comfort zone can have a direct correlation to the vibes of the day and recently while dining out

I was asked why are we waiting over a half hour at a new restaurant for a table. Β Of course, my first response was that it’s because of the good vibes and sometimes you can just look around and know it’s your kind of place.

Before you know it, the good vibes are contagious, everyone looks happy and someone wants to start singing Good Vibrations.

I must admit over the years I have developed a number of comfort zones and there is a heavy feeling of dread being dragged out of the zone sometimes.

I was laughing this week with my hairstylist that I’ve been listening to his bad jokes now for thirty years and I’ve decided I might hide in the trees with the cardinals if he ever retires.