Weekend Watching

It was a weekend of winter markets in our area and while strolling through a fantastic Bavarian themed market with a lovely selection of items, I watched myself leave behind many wonderful holiday items.  I do know my limits though and there was no way I was leaving without an almond chocolate croissant from a French bakery that will soon have me as a loyal customer.

One of my favorite holiday events of the season is decorating my mother’s Christmas tree and smiling over a lifetime of memories as we hang the ornaments.  This year we had the added bonus after decorating the tree of watching a community tree lighting with beautiful lights everywhere.

I watched the blue jays join the cardinals in the new bird comfort zone and

 the squirrels were wondering why I did not appear overly concerned about their comfort level.

After watching the College Football Playoff Selection Show and finding out that Notre Dame has a chance for the Championship and will first play against Clemson later this month in the Cotton Bowl, I think more than a phone call to Santa is needed and a visit will be necessary for my latest Notre Dame victory Christmas wish.