The Week In Seven Photos

There were so many moments again this week that I thought the chance for blue skies or completing my Week In Seven Photos post would only occur when pigs fly. Thankfully I received inspiration from this flying pig to capture the photos and you may notice a very gray theme since the blue skies never…

Weekend Watching

Pretty pups prancing at the park…pretty clouds before the storms rolled in again…snakes (not pretty – only watched long enough for one quick snap)…gulls…Killing Eve: Series 2…kayakers fishing…always a joy to watch Harper sleeping during these crazy puppy days…Stanley Cup Finals…100 days until the National Football League season begins…more dandelions than flowers.

The Week In Seven Photos

I’m going to blame my recent cold, a spell of vertigo, the weather and Harper’s decision to begin her days at 4:00 a.m. for a bout of exhaustion this week and a lack of desire to go wandering with my camera.  I did manage to go out in the front yard with the camera on…

Rockin’ Cupcakes

Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones

By The Water

To some, it’s just water. To me, it’s where I regain my sanity. unknown