Tuesday Musings

Staying home this much has made me realize why my dog gets so excited about backyard visitors or going for walks, I think I just barked at a squirrel.

Monday Musings

Hand over the remote and biscuits and no one gets hurt!

The Week In Seven Photos

Another week of transitions as we quickly moved from spring to winter and quickly back to spring again with hopefully the last sighting of Harper’s little footprints in the snow. All non-essential businesses were shutdown on Monday and it’s now necessary to stay away from the crowded sidewalks at the park.  We have found less…

Monday Musings

Obviously I’ve already been spending too much time in my backyard because the turkeys are beginning to let me know that I’m violating their social space. I’ve received endless notifications on my phone about all the things I could be doing during this crisis to improve myself or my attitude and honestly they’re irritating me…