Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Pantsdrunk – Self-Isolation Trend #1

Reading more than ever these days and discovering many new trends developing in homes during these times.  Thought I would begin sharing some that I thought were more interesting than others in case you need any ideas on how to make the days go faster.  First up is pantsdrunk which I read about for the first time in a New York Times article, Getting Tipsy At Home In Your Underwear.  People are now enjoying the Finnish tradition of getting drunk at home in their underwear and posting photos to their Instagram account.  Now I’m going to have to investigate if there is a pantsdrunkpup hashtag for Harper.

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  1. Very funny! She’s started young, and started early, but given the current circumstances, why not?! Although, as much as I love Harper for her ahead of the curve Scandinavian fashion stylings, I won’t be following suit. A beer on the balcony in undercrackers won’t help our neighbours. Plus, it’s still pretty chilly…

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    • 😁Thank you and I can’t believe Harper won’t agree to an Instagram account!🐾😁 Just in case you wanted to add a pub vibe to your balcony for enjoying a pint on a chilly evening, I discovered today reading an article about the unprecedented closing of pubs in Britain that some British pub enthusiasts are adding a pub bench and their favorite stolen pint glasses to their garden until they can return to the pubs. In addition, I had no idea that YouTube had “pub background noise sound effects” to help create a great pub atmosphere at home (of course, there was no mention of the young Britons scaring the neighbors.)😁


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