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Some Days I Just Need To Let It Be

My mother has always said never wake a sleeping baby, and in my case, don’t wake your snoozing dog since it is the only time the house is quiet when you visit.  Even at this age, I never let Gabby be and she is soon running through the house barking.  I’ve discovered over the last few days that I should also just let the moon be.

The moon needs little help with its brilliant display, but somehow I thought the moon needed a little decoration and tried to capture it through the Christmas lights.

 I wasn’t defeated when the red lights failed and thought maybe the moon would prefer a little blue ambience.

While my attempts failed, I thought the Three Dog Bakery Christmas lights reflected nicely with the moon.

I know I am middle-aged now and have to adjust to many changes in society, but somehow I don’t think there will be a musician capable of replacing Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon with a modern version of Drone Me To The Moon.

Lesson of the week where snoozing dogs and the moon are concerned – let it be!!

Fun Facts About Michigan

Michigan has the second longest coastline in the U.S., following Alaska…Michigan is home to more than 11,000 lakes…Michigan has 129 lighthouses…Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline in the U.S…In Michigan, you are never farther than 6 miles from a lake or river…In Michigan, you are never farther than 85 miles from a Great Lake…Michigan is the only state made up of two peninsulas…There are more than 100 state parks in Michigan…There are five national parks in Michigan…

50 Facts To Celebrate Michigan – MLive

p.s.  Michigan small towns and cities magically light up during the holidays and create a beautiful winter wonderland!

Holiday Season Necessities

A holiday toast!

Thoughts of peace on earth.

Plenty of Christmas lights and snacks!

Be aware of reindeer crossing!

Understanding for those not in the mood to celebrate.

A Friday Night In Detroit

Jammin’ with Joe Bonamassa…Fox Theater…Guitars…Cadillac BierGarten…Ice Skaters…Zamboni…Christmas Trees…Carriage Rides…Christmas Lights…Street Musicians…State Bar & Grill…Cubana Sandwich…Blake’s Hard Cider…Celebrating Joe Bonamassa and Winter.


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