I am a Generation X introvert who is curious about this, that and everything, especially:







Sports (Especially Bryce Harper)




Also, nature, wildlife, biking, kayaking, restaurants, Starbucks, travel, street photography (ok, I should have just left it at this and that).

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  1. Very impressive site. Dig the black background and the cinema-esque size photos; especially the one from the kayak on the lake. The font and sparsity add a layer of class as well.

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    1. Thank you. I love the peace and quiet of morning and the opportunity to try and capture the amazing colors as the sky awakens. Enjoyed visiting your blog and your post on Stanley Kubrick was outstanding and I am hoping to watch The End of the Tour this weekend.

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      1. I’m happy to know that you’ve enjoyed Friday skywatch posts. I usually try to capture sunrise, which is quite dramatic. thanks for liking and following my blog.

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  2. Thanks for the follow! It is obvious that nature inspires you, and I’m inspired by how you capture it. Your blogging “voice” is irresistible. I look forward to reading more, and am honored that you followed the Glover Gardens Cookbook. I, too, should stop at the “this and that”, because I have sooooo many interests. So many amazing things in the world to explore, so little time!

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