Yorkie’s Guide to La Dolce Vita – Lesson 1)  Find the Perfect Partner

One of the first lessons in La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) is to value your loved ones and to find that special someone who brings love, happiness, adventure and companionship into your world on a daily basis.  I have been lucky to have a mother that spoils me rotten, loves me unconditionally (even when I run through the house barking all night), spends quality time with me and shares adventures with me.  We start our day with a cup of coffee and catching up on the morning news, we then decide if we are visiting Grandma or staying home and maybe going biking or walking.  I look forward to our car trips because there is nothing like the wind blowing through my hair as we cruise in our Jeep.  I also love on our bike rides smelling the world as I fly by in my bike seat.  I am lucky that every day I have someone who is interested in making my day special and who knows how to make me happy.  Everyone wishing to achieve La Dolce Vita should want each day to be special and know the things that bring them happiness and enjoyment.

I will be a featured guest blogger on this blog and I hope you enjoyed this post



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