I have never asked another introvert which part of the week is their favorite, but as an introvert I would choose Tuesday, Thursday night and Sunday morning.  The latest DVD and book new releases are on Tuesdays and I have discovered for social occasions I prefer going out on Thursday night compared to Friday night when I like to order Chinese food and watch the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows or Saturday night which I reserve for college football night.  Compared to an extrovert who may be talking about the great party they went to over the weekend, my favorite part of the weekend is Sunday morning.  There is a quietness and peacefulness that I have discovered to be unique to Sunday mornings.  The tranquillity of a Sunday bicycle ride on an early summer morning, a fall bicycle ride on a crisp Sunday morning, a walk through a local downtown during the winter after an early Sunday morning snowfall or kayaking on Sunday morning just prior to sunrise when there is only you, another lone fisherman and a few swans for company is the perfect atmosphere for a reflective introvert’s soul.