House Rule #18 – Don’t Mess with Mom while Manning is Playing

My mother previously blogged about loving Sunday mornings, but she failed to mention that from September to Super Bowl Sunday everyone in the family knows that nothing can interfere with watching Peyton Manning and NFL Sunday Ticket.  You can trust me on this, because I have tried all of my doggie tricks including pouting, barking, growling and bringing her all my favorite toys and setting them in front of the TV.  We make quite a pair on football Sunday with our matching jerseys and I think a part of my mother never outgrew her tomboy phase because we both own way too many jerseys and she actually changes jerseys for the games.  There is a jersey hierarchy with the number one spot reserved for Peyton Manning, Tony Romo from the Cowboys is next and an old Peyton Manning Indianapolis jersey when the Colts play.  The only thing that could change this hierarchy is if Brett Favre came out of retirement, which I know she still hopes for every Sunday.

Go Broncos!!


Broncos #18
Broncos #18
Manning #18
Manning #18


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