NFL Divisional Playoff Stress

It is going to be another one of those stressful football days in our house today.  I overheard mom talking to Grandma today wondering how she was going to make it through back-to-back games of her favorite two players.  It was bad enough last Sunday when she almost lost her mind watching how bad the Cowboys were playing against the Lions in the first half.  We watched the other playoff games yesterday and we had no doubt that the golden boy and the other team, which can’t be mentioned because of last year’s Super Bowl, were going to win.  There is a lot of drama about the match-ups today with Tony Romo and the Cowboys playing her old favorite team from the Brett Favre days and Peyton Manning and the Broncos playing her old favorite team from the Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts days.  The Cowboys are 8-0 on the road this year, Tony Romo is playing great, the running game and defense are playing great and Aaron Rodgers still has that calf injury, so we have faith that the Cowboys will beat the Packers 31-17.  One of Peyton’s favorite receivers is supposed to finally be healthy, they have been working all season on establishing a better running game (trust me, my mother has not been happy about all the running and less passing by Peyton, but she has tried to have faith) and a strong defense ranked third, so we believe that Peyton and the Broncos will win 45-21.  I would like to have some fun playing during halftime instead of having her mutter around the house, so please send a prayer for our teams.

Go Broncos & Cowboys!!!!


Peyton Manning & Tony Romo Fans
Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys Fans




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