Big Ten Team Wins National Championship

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It was great to see Ohio State University, a Big Ten team, win the inaugural College Football National Championship last night against Oregon 42-20.  There were great performances by Cardale Jones, Ezekiel Elliott, and the Ohio State defense. It was disappointing to see Oregon wearing the white and gray uniforms instead of their great green and yellow color schemes.  Based on Elliott’s 246 years and four touchdowns, maybe the colorless uniform scheme made the Oregon players invisible because there is no doubt Ohio State ran right through them.  I have never been a fan of Ohio State, but since the hiring of Urban Meyer (I was a fan of his and Tim Tebow at Florida), I have watched Ohio State with more interest.  After a college football season of hearing that their was only one main college football conference left, the SEC, it is wonderful for the season to end with everyone talking about the Big Ten and already talking about how strong the Big Ten should be next year.  Ohio State as defending national champions should start next season ranked number one, the hiring of Jim Harbaugh at the University of Michigan hopefully means that program will be turning around quickly, Wisconsin has a strong program with a new coach, and Michigan State University ended the season with a great win at the Cotton Bowl over Baylor and they should be ranked in the top five next year.  Back in the old days, I would love watching college football on New Year’s Day when we would line up the TVs to watch all the games and multiple games played from noon to midnight.  In 1998, when they changed to the new Bowl Championship Series and games began to be played over a few weeks the excitement of New Year’s Day football changed.  It was fantastic this year to watch great football on New Year’s Day and to have the excitement from those games carry over to the National Championship.  It was wonderful to have great Big Ten wins and news to end the 2014 college football season that has left me already waiting for the beginning of the 2015 season.

MSU Football

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