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I always look forward to watching the Golden Globes and usually prefer that award show over the Oscars.  This year they televised the Golden Globes after my two favorite football players, Peyton Manning and Tony Romo, were knocked out of the playoffs.  I thought I handled the losses better than last year and then I realized I must have still been feeling the effects of the losses because I did not enjoy the Golden Globes.  Some of the highlights were parts of Tina Fey’s and Amy Poehler’s opening monologue and Kevin Spacey’s acceptance speech.  I usually have favorites I am hoping will win the awards, but this year I have not seen any of the movies that won awards and the only TV shows that won which I watch were House of Cards and The Affair.  I now have a long list of television shows and movies to check out this year.  Prior to the awards show I had binge-watched the fourth season of Homeland and last week I binge-watched How to Get Away with Murder and True Detective.  I was really disappointed in the third season of Homeland and after watching the first episode of this season I decided not to watch this season.  After reading several items where people were praising how good the show was this year I decided to give it another try.  After finishing the season I thought it was almost as good as the first season.  I am a fan of both Claire Danes and Damian Lewis and the Carrie and Brody storyline.  I was disappointed how everything played out in season three, but that disappointed was soon forgotten with the great performances by Claire Danes (Carrie), Mandy Patinkin (Saul) and Rupert Friend (Quinn) this season.  I have watched all of the shows with actresses nominated for best TV drama and while all of their performances were great, I thought Claire Danes should have won the Golden Globe.  While I prefer a show like Homeland over True Detective and How to Get Away with Murder, I definitely now understand why everyone was talking about Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson last year.  Based on the mood and topic of the series I had no plans of watching, but after one episode of watching McConaughey (Detective Rust Cohle) and Harrelson (Detective Marty Hart) together I could not stop.  Brilliant performances by both and I wish they were coming back for another season.

A few days after the Golden Globes, the 87th Academy Award nominations were announced.  Usually when the movies are announced I will have seen several of the movies or decide to see them prior to the Oscars.  Now I don’t believe this can be blamed on all my football teams losing, but based on the movie trailers I have seen I really have not had a desire to watch the movies nominated.  I have The Grand Budapest Hotel on my DVR, but after watching several other Wes Anderson films, including Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Darjeeling Limited and The Royal Tenenbaums, I have to admit I am skeptical that I will enjoy the film.  I tried the other films because of the actors and I will also try this movie because of Ralph Fiennes and maybe for once I will appreciate the unique style of Wes Anderson.  Of the other seven movies nominated there is a chance I will see Birdman, The Imitation Game, Whiplash and Boyhood before Oscar Sunday on February 22nd.

Over the last weekend I went to the theater to see Blackhat and watched Calvary at home. I must say I prefer Chris Hemsworth in his Thor movies, but I thought his performance and the movie were worth seeing. As for Calvary, the performance by Brendan Gleeson was exceptional, but (again I do not think my football disasters had anything to do with it) I failed to find any humor in this black comedy and even though the movie led to many questions and conversations, I wish the movie had a Cliffs Notes guide.  This last weekend was the end of the NFL season for me.  The only good thing that occurred during the football games is that it gave me plenty of time to finish my latest 1000 piece puzzle, Best Sellers by Charlie Girard, and discover that I loved this style of puzzle.  I am now officially back to not mentioning either team in the Super Bowl by name and I still cannot believe Green Bay lost that game.  One good thing about those two teams playing each other is that I will have a free day to binge-watch Fargo on Super Bowl Sunday.

8 responses to “Musings of the Week”

  1. I loved True Detective and both the actors were stunning. But the second True Detective was very disappointing. It felt like an Indian soap opera which is really saying something bad!

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    1. I agree with you, the first season was fantastic with the acting of Harrelson and McConaughey and it was a struggle to finish the second season.


      1. am waiting for the third one. The Crown interested me very much on Netflix.

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      2. The Crown is on my list to watch and I recently finished Travelers and The OA.


      3. I am waiting for the next season of The House of Cards. very gripping!

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      4. That’s a great series! Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are fantastic together.


      5. have you seen the British version on which this one is based? that too is something you cannot miss with its very British black humour!

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      6. I also enjoyed the British version.


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