Waiting for Opening Day

Now that the football season is over (still no plans of watching the Super Bowl with those two teams playing), it is time to enjoy Winter Festivals, the Chicago Blackhawks, and wait for NCAA March Madness and Opening Day.  Great news last week with the Washington Nationals signing the Detroit Tiger pitcher, Max Scherzer who will be joining a great pitching staff with ex-Tiger Doug Fister and Stephen Strasburg.  I am hoping my favorite MLB player, Bryce Harper, stays healthy this year and picks up where he left off with his strong hitting in the playoffs.  The Nationals have all the ingredients to finally make it to the World Series this year and I will be dreaming of the match-up of the Washington Nationals against the Detroit Tigers.  In the meantime, it is fun to venture out into the cold, visit local towns and enjoy the winter ice and snow festivals.  At the festivals you will find incredible ice or snow sculptures, great food, wonderful desserts (especially those Long Johns), shopping, good music, beer tents, fire pits, ice skating and the laughter and smiles of children and adults enjoying the cold and windy winter atmosphere.



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