My Road To The Oscars Hit a Dead End

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Obviously I started on my road to watch the Academy Award Nominees for Best Motion Picture and Performances by an Actor and Actress in a Leading and Supporting Role much too late and failed to see four of the eight movies nominated for Best Picture and several of the films with actors and actresses nominated for Leading and Supporting awards.  Out of these five categories there was only one film, Gone Girl, that I actually watched at the theater (loved the book and the film).  The few films I was able to watch (Birdman, Boyhood, The Theory of Everything, The Judge and The Grand Budapest Hotel) were available on DVD or streaming and I could not muster the enthusiasm to see the others at the theater.  All of the movies were very good (my favorites were Birdman, The Judge and Gone Girl), but for me there was an element of entertainment, enjoyment or emotion missing from the experience and I could not talk myself into seeing the others at the theater.  There were many films last year that had me waiting for the opening weekend and once it was available on DVD or streaming I was ready to watch it again.  The films were not nominated for Academy Awards or on the “best of” lists, but several were in the top twenty-five grossing films released in 2014 including my favorite film of the year, The Guardians of the Galaxy.  Several other films that I enjoyed watching last year were 3 Days to Kill, Non-Stop, Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, This is Where I Leave You, The Trip to ItalyThe Lunchbox, Elsa & FredX-Men: Days of Future Past, Words and Pictures and John Wick.  I will see the remainder of the Academy Award films once they are released on DVD and now that this is over I can enjoy The Oscars tonight and go back to looking forward to going to the movies.


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