My Mom Is Driving Me Mad With NCAA March Madness

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It is official, my mother is driving me mad over NCAA March Madness.  As you may have noticed from the previous few posts, my mother spent the last four days in front of her TV, computers and iPad completely lost in NCAA March Madness, and when I say completely lost I mean completely lost, and you may also notice from my last few photos I was not pleased with the situation.  As you can see from the photo above I enjoy smiling and I think I made my displeasure of her March Madness obsession very clear, but there was no stopping her watching the games and only taking a break to take photos of me in her favorite jerseys next to a basketball bigger then myself.  If you read my previous blog, Gabby’s NCAA March Madness Bracket Analysis, you may be able to somewhat imagine how excited she was watching MSU and Notre Dame advance to the Sweet 16 (and when I say excited, I mean excited).  You can also imagine the disappointment when Villanova lost, Georgia St.’s cinderella run was stopped and SMU lost on the goaltending call.  We had to watch one of her favorite shows, ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, tonight to see the reaction of Tony and Wilbon to the games and she was glad to hear them say the SMU goaltending call may be the worst call in NCAA Tournament history.

This last four days confirmed her belief that NCAA March Madness may be the greatest sporting event.  She goes back and forth between the NFL Playoffs/Super Bowl and NCAA March Madness.  After the excitement of the first 48 games and the recent memory of the disappointing end to Peyton Manning’s season, I think right now she is leaning toward March Madness as the greatest.  Hopefully, with a couple of days of rest I will be ready to support my mom during the Sweet 16 games and to cheer on MSU, Notre Dame and Wisconsin on our mission to have a Big Ten team protect Indiana’s unbeaten record and win a NCAA Championship (preferably MSU and she still refuses to accept that Notre Dame is in the ACC).



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