Detroit Tigers and Washington Nationals Opening Week Highlights

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One week into the 2015 Major League Baseball season and my dream World Series match-up between the Detroit Tigers and Washington Nationals looks great from the Detroit Tigers perspective and a little shaky for the Washington Nationals.  The Tigers are off to their first 6-0 start in thirty years after an 8-5 win today over the Cleveland Indians and sweeping both the Indians and Minnesota Twins..  Miguel Cabrera went 4-4 including two home runs and, after hitting .786 against the Indians, he moved his season average up to .520, which places him in third place in batting for the season.  The Detroit Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias, who was forced to miss the 2014 Tigers season due to shin fractures, is hitting .526 this season and is second in batting.  The top hitter of the week was Adrian Gonzalez, playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who started the season red-hot and is the first player in MLB history to hit five home runs in the first three games of a season.  The Detroit Tigers right-fielder, J. D. Martinez, started the season by hitting the MLB’s first 2015 home run and ended his first week with a ninth inning home run against the Indians.  The Detroit Tigers pitching staff faced major changes this year with Max Scherzer signing with the Washington Nationals, Rick Porcello traded to Boston and Justin Verlander starting the season on the DL, but with a league leading 78 hits the first week and great pitching by David Price, Shane Green, Anibal Sanchez and the rest of the pitching staff, I may need to start saving money for those world series tickets.

Gabby’s Dream 2015 World Series – Washington Nationals vs. Detroit Tigers

As for my Nationals, they ended the first week with a 2-4 record after losing both series played against the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.  While the Nationals pitching is in the top five with a 2.32 ERA, including great pitching by Max Scherzer, who ended the week with an .066 ERA after 13 2/3 innings pitched and giving up 10 hits, 1 earned run and 16 strikeouts, the hitting has been another story.  The team is off to a slow batting start hitting .194 after the first week with 39 hits and 56 strikeouts.  The season started with Jayson Werth, Denard Span and Anthony Rendon on the DL and the offensive output will improve as the hitters settle in and the others return to action.  Bryce Harper started the season by hitting his third Opening Day home run and in the 4-3 win today over the Phillies he added his second home run of the season.  Harper and Yunel Escobar were the Nationals strongest offensive threat in the first week.  Other major news for the Nationals during the first week of the season was being awarded the 2018 All-Star Game and the news Jayson Werth may return to the lineup on Monday against the Boston Red Sox.

Derek Jeter – New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers – July 15, 2004

A final note for Opening Week of the 2015 MLB season was the absence of Derek Jeter at shortstop for the New York Yankees for the first time since he became the New York Yankees Opening Day rookie shortstop in 1996.  The excitement of seeing The Captain, #2 Derek Jeter, play for the Yankees and trying to see the Yankees every year when they played against the Detroit Tigers will be missed.  While the Yankees are off to a 1-4 start with a game against Boston on Sunday night, they have managed a few exciting moments this week with a decent start for Alex Rodriguez who hit his first home run of the season and a 19 inning loss to the Red Sox.

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