I usually choose movies based on the story or actors and not by the genre, but the other day I really thought a comedy was what I needed to watch.  After looking through my backlog of DVDs to watch, I decided on St. Vincent, which I assumed would be a very funny comedy because it starred Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when my early laughter turned to tears as I finished the movie.  The movie revolves around the many interesting relationships between a ornery hard-drinking gambler named Vincent (Bill Murray), who somehow manages to become the babysitter to the new neighbor kid, Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher), unwanted parental advisor to Oliver’s mom Maggie (Melissa McCarthy), and an evolving relationship with a lady of the night, named Daka, played wonderfully by Naomi Watts.  The main relationship of the movie is between Vincent and Oliver, who is adjusting to a new home and school following the separation of his parents and surprisingly, it is the ill-suited babysitter Vincent who fills the void and teaches Oliver about life while he is left alone by a mother adjusting to parenting alone and working long hours on a new job and a father fighting for custody.  The movie follows the path of a special friendship that develops between the world’s worst babysitter, Vincent, and the 12-year old boy, Oliver, that sees through all the outrageous actions to the saint hidden within.  In addition to Oliver’s struggles in his new life, there will be several events in Vincent’s life that take the movie in a more serious direction.  The pair have many interesting adventures, that will later be frowned upon in a funny family court scene, and along the way Oliver learns about friendship, how to fight for himself and how to be heard.  By the end of the movie maybe your tears will start flowing like mine when you begin to understand the paradox of Vincent through the eyes of Oliver and that love, courage, sacrifice, compassion and humanity can sometimes be found in the most unlikely character.