Gabby’s Favorite Puzzle

Gabby's Favorite PuzzleRecently when my mom was off watching Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals play the Cincinnati Reds, I stayed with my favorite babysitters (I was an angel, like always when my mom is not around) and watched as they did this wonderful 700 piece panoramic jigsaw puzzle of adorable dogs.  I was a little surprised when I noticed several fashion styles in the puzzle that I have not had the opportunity to wear (obviously my mom has been too busy buying Harper jerseys and not keeping up with my doggie fashion items).  As you can see, I could have been included in the puzzle with my fishing outfit and baseball hat, but I think my Harley Davidson hat would look better with the sunglasses worn by the Yorkie in the puzzle.  I definitely plan on asking for a cowboy hat, bandana, GoPro camera, and sunglasses for my birthday.


Gabby - Harley Davidson

Ruff & Kisses to My Babysitters,

Gabby – The Yorkie Blogger