Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals Highlights


(Photos by A Curious Introvert/Videos and Stats from

In between watching the Chicago Blackhaws win the Stanley Cup and the Golden State Warriors capture the NBA Championship, I have been watching Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals and hoping the Cincinnati jinx would fade away (please see earlier blog about the jinx).  Since our trip to the Great American Ball Park at the end of May to watch the Nationals and Reds, the Nationals have a 6-13 record and have fallen a game and a half behind the New York Mets for first place in the NL East.  Throughout these early June struggles, thankfully there have been many exciting moments (Anthony Rendon back in the line-up and Denard Span and Yunel Escobar hitting over .300), great performances (Max Scherzer’s one-hitter against the Brewers) and Bryce Harper’s stats are still booming.

( video of Harper/Scherzer Highlights)


  • .346 Avg. – 3rd in the Majors
  • 22 Home Runs – 2nd in the Majors

( video of Harper’s Home Run Over the Ray Tank)

  • 52 RBIs – 3rd in the Majors
  • 54 Walks – 1st in the Majors
  • 49 Runs – Tied for 3rd in the Majors
  • .735 SLG – 1st in the Majors
  • 1.216 OPS – 1st in the Majors
  • Hit his 1st Home Run at Yankee Stadium

( video of Harper’s Yankee Stadium Home Run)

  • 30 Minutes – Time it takes to do his hair
Bryce Harper’s Great Hair

Following are a couple of videos showing Bryce Harper enjoying life and baseball in a great interview with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar from MLB Intentional Talk.

( Intentional Talk Interview with Harper)

If you don’t have the time for the full 14 minute interview, following are a couple clips from the interview.

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