Max Scherzer Throws a No-Hitter and Bryce Harper Blasts His 23rd Home Run

Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals

(Photos by A Curious Introvert/Videos from from and

Thank god for!!!  Watched the amazing Max Scherzer throw a no-hitter against the Pittsburgh Pirates today as the Washington Nationals won 6-0 (the Cincinnati jinx is officially over).

( video of Scherzer’s no-hitter celebration)

It is extremely rare that you can report a pitcher has had more hits in his last two outings then the opposing team, but over the last two games Scherzer, the 2013 American League Cy Young winner, had two hits while holding his opponents to one hit while facing 55 batters, with one walk, one hit-by-pitch and 26 strikeouts.  This was Scherzer’s first no-hitter and his second straight shutout (last Sunday he had a one-hitter in a 4-0 win over the Brewers) and the third shutout of his career.  Scherzer lost his bid for a perfect game with two-outs in the ninth when Pittsburgh’s pinch-hitter Jose Tabata was hit by a pitch.  Thankfully, Scherzer remained focused (unlike me who was yelling loud enough that Gabby came running) Nationalsand the next batter, Josh Harrison, flew out to Michael Taylor and Scherzer’s no-no chocolate syrup celebration soon began.

( video of Scherzer’s no-no chocolate syrup celebration)

Max Scherzer - Detroit Tigers 2
Max Scherzer – Detroit Tigers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – July 9, 2014
Scherzer (8-5) is the number one pitcher in the Majors with a 1.76 ERA and became the first player since 1944 to allow one hit or fewer in consecutive games.  A couple other highlights from the game was the fact that Scherzer (my favorite pitcher and ex-Tiger) threw 82 strikes out of his 106 pitches, Bryce Harper returned from his mild hamstring strain and hit his 23rd home run of the season and Danny Espinosa’s great play in the field in the eighth inning to throw out Pedro Alvarez at first for the third out.

( video of Harper’s 23rd Home Run)

( video of Scherzer’s 10 Strikeouts)


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