While We’re Young Movie Review

Full Disclosure:  The following review is written by a member of Generation X and may contain snarky, cynical comments.

While We’re Young tells the story of a middle-aged Generation X married couple, Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts), experiencing mid-life boredom with their friends with children, their careers and relationship and the friendship and infatuation that begins with a Millennial couple, Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried), who appear to have a youthful enthusiasm for everything (Snarky Comment #1 – Love how someone has decided the Millennials are optimistic idealists and the Gen Xers are cynical pessimists).  Josh and Cornelia, who were unable to have children, appear to have concentrated on their careers while not quite realizing somewhere along the way they forgot how to enjoy each other and life.  Surprisingly, it is this young hipster couple, Jamie and Darby, that somehow help bring back energy and enthusiasm to Josh and Cornelia’s relationship.  Cornelia is not as fascinated with this new young couple as Josh, but slowly goes along with this new friendship and in a great scene finds an enthusiasm for hip-hop dancing.  Josh is fascinated with everything about Jamie, even though many of the items of fascination are things they threw out years ago, including Jamie’s vinyl collection (Snarky Comment #2 – Why call it a vinyl collection, when in the old days record collection sounded just fine), playing board games (Snarky Comment #3 – It is possible all the wistful preciousness of this hipster couple caused the vomiting in the movie and not the Ayahuasca ceremony they attended) and watching VCR tapes on a 13″ TV (Snarky Comment #4 – In comparison, as a Gen Xer I refuse to feel guilty for binge-watching the TV show Happyish (another Generation X cultural study starring the wonderfulSCAN0983 Steve Coogan and Kathryn Hahn) on a large screen TV while I stream the Nationals on my iPad).

While We’re Young was directed and written by Noah Baumbach and while I loved the character study of the two generations in the first hour, the conflicts that develop within and between the couples in the last half hour diminished both generations and my enthusiasm for the movie (Snarky Comment #5 – For a brief moment, I wished that I was a member of the Baby Boomer Generation).

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