Summer Memories of Enjoying Life on Two Wheels

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(Photos by A Curious Introvert)

The other day Gabby and I were on a beautiful summer morning bike ride and a feeling of mid-life bike nostalgia swept over me and I began to remember all the wonderful summer moments spent on two wheels over my lifetime.  The earliest memories are of my first bicycle, which was a Schwinn with a banana seat, dscf0172and I found myself laughing  about how we use to place cards in the spokes for noise.  After the banana seat Schwinn it was on to a Schwinn ten-speed and memories of riding with friends and sometimes riding with a second passenger on the handlebars.  My love of bicycles may have waned a little once a driver’s license came into play, but by my twenties the passion for enjoying life on two wheels had returned

There was the first major trip to the East Coast and memories of riding a moped around Martha’s Vineyard and the panic we felt when we thought we would not make the ferry when we ran out of gasoline (we made the ferry after much laughter and panic). This feeling of panic occurred years later on another bike trip from Traverse City to Suttons Bay when we found ourselves lost on back roads in ninety degree heat (finally made it back to Traverse City very exhausted and sunburned). By my thirties, in addition to biking, a new passion for enjoying life on two wheels became a Harley Davidson motorcycle thanks to my husband. There were trips throughout lower Michigan, Up North and the Upper Peninsula and, IMG_0440 (1)it appears to be a pattern, moments of panic crossing the Mackinac Bridge in high wind warnings and flipping the motorcycle on Brockway Mountain Drive west of Copper Harbor in the Upper Peninsula (I still claim it was not my fault). A trip of a lifetime occurred when we traveled across country on the motorcycleand and in the midst of enjoying eleven great states we again encountered moments of panic in an unbelievable rain storm in Oklahoma, almost losing our helmets in the ferocious winds of Wyoming and almost running out of gas as we left South Dakota. I can still remember the feeling of panic each time we reached the crest of never-ending hills until we finally found a gas station with pumps from the 1960s.  Nowadays the motorcycle rides are not as often or as far (when making plans Gabby always votes for the bicycle and jeep so she can go along), but no matter where we go in the summer the sight of motorcycles and bicycles always brings a smile to my face and throughout the year I find myself anticipating the next two-wheel adventure of enjoyment.


Another wonderful summer biking memory is enjoying the Tour de France for three weeks every year.  This year I was able to finish a 500 piece bicycle puzzle while enjoying the race.  Gabby thoroughly enjoys watching the bike race with


me unlike other members in the family, but I must say the rest of the family is kind enough to tolerate my Tour de France obsession.  The race this year has covered 1,177 miles through twelve stages with Christopher Froome currently wearing the yellow jersey (two other yellow jersey leaders were forced to quit the race due to injuries) and my favorite rider, Peter Sagan, wearing the green jersey for the Sprint Competition.  Sagan has finished second in three stages and also has two third place finishes and is in a fierce battle with Andre Greipel for the green jersey (Sagan currently leads Greipel by two points).  I am always fascinated with the endurance of these bike riders going for three weeks through time trials, sprints and the mountains, since Gabby and I are often a little wobbly when we finish our little ten-mile ride.

Enjoy Some Peter Sagan Highlights

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