(Photos by A Curious Introvert)

In the magical hour of the morning as nighttime fades and the moon slips away to bring forth the gift of another day and a magnificent sunrise on the horizon, we are given the opportunity to witness beauty and start afresh.  There is no guarantee that the sunrise that greets us will hold aDSC_1929 majestic kaleidoscope of colors or if it will be a quiet muted shade of grey unwilling to yield to the beauty within any more than we can predict what life holds in store for us that day.  The moods of the morning sunrise can change as fast as our ability to handle what life throws at us on any given day, but taking the time to enjoy the serene stunning stillness of life, with schedules and activities held at bay, and to be one with the quiet peace of sunrise is a gift, that some days in the hectic nature of life, can feel very elusive.  The wonderful gift of a sunrise is that it is there for everyone to enjoy, whether it is the early morning riser dscf0040having a cup of coffee on the deck, the corporate employee looking out the window and watching the sun rise over the river, or the kayaker gliding through the water with a front row seat to the morning surprise. The individual on the deck may hear in the distance the neighbor’s sprinklers or dogs out greeting the day, the corporate employee may hear the buzz of office machines and good mornings, and the lone kayaker may be lucky enough to have the marvelous sound of ducks quacking and seagulls squalling as their sunrise soundtrack.  As the kayaker navigates to the center of the lake and awaits daybreak, the magnificence of life is not only reflected in the sky, but also in the water surrounding the kayak.  IMG_0436As the kayaker lays the paddle across the kayak and cedes control to the current, the wonderful sensation of floating through life with no resistance transforms the morning to a surreal awakening of endless pleasure as the kayak drifts through the amazing sunrise colors reflecting on the lake toward a horizon of an endless gift of beauty.

6 Replies to “The Gift of Sunrise”

  1. I sat outside this morning and even though I was in an urban setting, there were enough trees and birds and colours around the roof line of our old house, I appreciated the beauty like no other. My personal mood of quiet after sleep in the morning is well-suited for the experience and peace of the morning. The machines of the city are quieted. I love your photographs and words and the music, well, Little Darlin’, it was fantastic! Just excellent. Thanks!


    1. It is wonderful to know others are enjoying the true beauty of life. I appreciate your philosophical insights on enjoyment and have been inspired each time I read your blog (the links you include are amazing). Enjoy the weekend and I’m looking forward to your next post.


  2. I fee! a connection. Thanks! I feel as awesome as one of your photographs and posts. You probably know the feeling, it’s one of those things, you write and take beautiful photographs as you do and you hope others will get something out of it, but you never know. If I may be so bold, I think we’re on the same track. My goal is to get others to appreciate nature and their own lives in the midst of it – good or bad. Thanks again. I appreciate your following my lame attempts to be a human being. Now, I have a fire and some friends, I shall join them. Cheers to you!


    1. There have been many unique experiences in my first year of blogging. It is wonderful to hear that others appreciate your words and photos, but also the opportunity to see the world through so many fascinating eyes and viewpoints, gaining the confidence to share my thoughts and photos and discovering kindred spirits seeking the simple enjoyments of life.

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