(Photos by A Curious Introvert)

IMG_0675 (1)

One of the special yearly rituals that I have with my mother is the anticipation of the fall fashion magazines.  As mid-August approaches, we start looking for our favorite magazines, SCAN0001Vogue, Town & Country, Elle, In Style, Bazaar, Glamour, Marie Claire, New York Times Style, and once we have our collection, we plan a day that revolves around drinking coffee, looking through magazines and planning a shopping trip to look for the new fall fashion trends. I had no idea when my mother started bringing home Seventeen when I was younger that such a simple event would turn into a loving memory of special time spent with my mother and years of enjoying fall fashion magazines, our favorite designers and fashion as a whole. Throughout the year we follow the New York Times Style section, the weekly On the Street section by Bill Cunningham, Spring fashion magazines, scour our favorite websites for ideas and if we need a special fix, we watch the wonderful documentaries, The September Issue SCAN0223 - Version 2and Bill Cunningham New York. While the magazines carry absolutely exquisite clothing for a lifestyle and prices beyond my reach, I never fail to find fashion trends that suit my style of distressed jeans, paint splattered jeans, hoodies, flannel, Uggs (treasured Christmas presents from my mother), unusual sneakers and anything affordable by Ralph Lauren. This year we added another special ritual to the fall fashion season and recruited another member of the family (my niece) into our fashion club. It is still a little early for fall fashion and window displays at the mall, but my niece and I discovered a wonderful selection of fashion, unique storefronts and many fabulous items that made us think of others, smile and laugh.  IMG_0658Our first fall fashion photo shoot was celebrated with our first visit to The Cheesecake Factory and a yearly ritual of fall fashion shopping and, maybe a monthly ritual at our new favorite restaurant, has begun with the next generation to join our fashion club.

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