Someone Needs To Tell My Mom That “There’s No Crying In Baseball!”


(Post by Gabby – The Yorkie Blogger/Photos by A Curious Introvert)

We are in desperate need of a baseball intervention for my mom after the New York Mets swept the Washington Nationals to take a seven game lead in the NL East.  Not only did the losses put the Nationals in a very difficult position of making the playoffs, but the losses themselves were brutal (I cannot repeat some of the phrases she was using, but trust me it wasn’t pretty).  When they lost the first game of the series 8-5, you could tell my mom was discouraged, but she still was trying to hold on to some hope.  Well, after the next night’s 8-7 loss, after having a 7-1 lead in the seventh inning, it appears all hope was lost and I heard her asking the philosophical question “if a kayaker cries in the middle of the lake and no one is around to hear the tears hitting the water, does it make a sound?”  I DSC_1935let my mom know in her state she wasn’t kayaking alone, that I would be in the kayak with her to hear the sound and to remind her that according to Tom Hanks character, Jimmy Dugan, in the movie A League of Their Own — “there’s no crying in baseball!”

My mother has been known to throw football jerseys across the room after excruciating playoff losses, but since I have not seen any Nationals jerseys flying across the room, I know she is still holding on to a sliver of hope that Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals can still pull off a playoff appearance.  Harper is still leading the race for the NL MVP (.336 Avg. , 36 Home Runs; 85 RBIs; 104 Runs and 1.124 OPS) and with his continued great hitting (2 home runs and a double in last night’s 5-3 loss) there is still a chance that the Nationals who have struggled with two unexpected situations this season, poor pitching and many injuries, could pull together a miracle in the last 23 games of the season.

Since this is an intervention, and my mom is in denial about her Bryce Harper addiction, it is time to remind her of all the wonderful baseball teams and talents she has followed over the years that have the potential to reach the playoffs this year.  I reminded her of her love for the Chicago Cubs, who are now coached by her favorite MLB coach, Joe Maddon.  There is Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees, David Price and the Toronto Blue Jays and Prince Fielder and the Texas Rangers.  This one is extremely difficult to convince her of because they now play for the Mets, but Curtis Granderson was always a favorite when he played for the Tigers and Yankees and Yoenis Cespedes, who we thought would help take the Tigers to the playoffs prior to the trade deadline, but instead has become the main reason the Mets may be heading to the postseason for the first time since 2006.

Well, by the look on my mother’s face, it may take the next 23 games to convince her that a MLB postseason set to begin on October 6th that does not include Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals could possibly be enjoyable.






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