Window Displays and Fall Fashion at Somerset Collection

For many years the art of shopping consisted of visiting a few stores and looking for clothing from favorite designers (Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors), but lately shopping has evolved into a chance to wander through malls and main streets admiring window displays.  It is surprising what catches your attention, when you are not focused on a shopping list or finding the entrance closest to your destination.  It has quietly been happening over the last few weeks and if you have been wandering through malls or stores, you may have noticed the arrival of Christmas trees and decorations in the section next to the Halloween and Thanksgiving displays.  While we may shake our heads in disbelief at Black Friday sales during the summer and buying our Halloween candy and Christmas lights together, it does mean the holiday display window season will be upon us soon and that is something I look forward to each year.  I have never had the opportunity to see the window displays in Paris or New York in person, but the displays in Michigan and Chicago during the holiday season are beautiful (I would love to include a favorite photo from last year’s holiday displays, but being one of those that shakes their head in disbelief, I must refrain myself).

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