Small Town Holiday Joy


Sometimes it is the simple things of the holidays that offer an opportunity to escape from the harsh realities of the world and allow us, for a few hours, to envision a world surrounded by peace and joy.  Strolling the beautifully lit Main Street of Milford, MI during their Christmas Open House, the air was filled with the marvelous sound of Christmas carolers and a feeling of tranquility.  Happiness was everywhere as young and old walked around town smiling and laughing past the wonderful window displays reminding us of the spirit of the season.  Restaurants were filled with candlelight and good times and the local bakery was packed with children (and a few adults) choosing their favorite Christmas sugar cookie.  A wonderful old-fashioned evening of joy ended with the sound of hoofbeats of beautiful horse-drawn carriages slowly galloping down Main Street and the distant hum of laughter and music.

“I hear a choir

Singing sweetly somewhere

And a glow fills my heart, I’m at peace with the world

As the sound of their singing fills the air”

If Every Day Was Like Christmas – Elvis Presley