Celebrating Denver Broncos Blue and Orange

Yesterday’s exciting AFC Championship match-up between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots had it all.  The 17th matchup between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, two future Hall of Fame veteran quarterbacks; the #1 Denver Broncos defense; two old quarterbacks scrambling for first downs; Peyton Manning scoring a first quarter touchdown for the first time this season; Peyton Manning connecting with Owen Daniels for two touchdown passes in the first half; unbelievable play by the Denver defense that delivered 20 hits and 4 sacks against Brady and forced two interceptions; dread of the eventual Tom Brady comeback; swearing when Brady connected with Rob Gronkowski during another fourth quarter Brady comeback attempt; screaming when the Patriots failed on the two-point conversion to tie the game; endless excitement when the Broncos defeated the Patriots 20-18; and pure joy knowing I will be watching Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 50.  For a brief moment, Gabby and I looked like Bob from the Minions marching around the house yelling booya!!

The football photos are from the Broncos game against the Detroit Lions earlier this season and the sunset photo was altered to try to capture the Broncos blue and orange.