Fall Colors vs. Falling Leaves – Looking out over a sea of leaves in the yard, the winner is definitely Fall Colors

Movies – The Accountant (Ben Affleck) vs. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Tom Cruise) – Nothing beats Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books, but at the movies the winner was The Accountant

TV Shows – Goliath (Billy Bob Thornton/William Hurt) vs. Chance (Hugh Laurie) – Still watching both series, but so far Goliath is leading the match

2016 World Series – Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians – Hoping for a Cubs victory

College Football – University of Michigan vs. Michigan State University – Go Blue!!

4 Replies to “Autumn Matchups”

  1. I liked Tom Cruise as Reacher though many people grumble that he is too short to play the very tall detective. but acting wise he was competent as usual. I am waiting to see Billy Bob Thornton though they are not showing Goliath here. Is it on Netflix or HBO?

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    1. Thank you and I always love when the weather gets a little colder so Gabby can start wearing her sweaters and jackets. I preferred the first Jack Reacher movie, but thought they still did a good job portraying the great Reacher character from the books.


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