For the first few nights of the New Year, Mars and Venus is visible in the sky with the moon and I was excited for the chance to capture photos of my first planet.  When I went outside on Sunday night, I was surprised at how bright Venus was by the moon, but I was not able to see Mars.  Last night we had rain and nothing was visible in the sky.  As is often the case, some photos that are exciting to take do not quite translate the excitement of something new, especially when it’s necessary to include writing so someone doesn’t miss the bright little dot in the upper corner.


For the New Year I usually only create resolutions I can keep, such as, I plan on taking a tremendous amount of photos, spend a remarkable amount of time reading and refuse to give up my M&Ms.  This year I have included a few photography goals and I missed my chance on the first day to achieve a couple of them by using a tripod and experimenting with long exposure shots.  I am never satisfied with my night photography photos and this year I am determined to drag that tripod out of the closet and explore more camera settings.  The following photo distorts the moon, but it captured how bright the moon and Venus were in the sky that night.


I would love to hear about any recommendations for photographing the moon and other night photography tips.