The summer laughter and squeal of children swimming in the lake has been replaced by the sound of the whipping westerly wind.  The wind carries the echo of the distant swans warning one another of their presence and the whistling sound of their wings as they heed that warning and take flight between sheets of ice.  The crowds from summer have disappeared and left bare beaches, empty park benches and stationary swings in their wake.  The lifeguards will return again next summer, but until then the lone eagle perched majestically watching over the frozen landscape will quietly survey this wintry wonderland while soaring over empty fields, along icy shorelines and gliding through the woods.

17 Replies to “A Winter’s Day At The Park”

    1. It has been a very exciting month seeing my first eagles and I have been surprised that they do not seem to be distracted by a probably too noisy photographer in pursuit. Thanks for letting me know this one could be a female.


      1. If you visit this eagle for a few months,they will understand that you are not a predator & mean them no harm.They than will allow you into their “flight zone”. This is where you can get great shots,but you need to get to know them first.More importantly, they need to get to know you! It takes awhile & is very humbling.
        Good luck!

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