New Rule – If You’re Unable See Out The Frozen Front Door, You’re Not Allowed To Leave The House

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The plan is to abide by this new rule today and stay inside to work on flower photography with the Christmas Cactus that waited until the new year to bloom.  This could be a problem though, since my Yorkie, Gabby, has decided my photography hobby is interfering with our quality time and has begun barking nonstop whenever I pick up the camera.  So in that case, we may be spending quality time together in a chair watching the Steelers and Packers win their playoff games and finishing the day with the Golden Globes.  I’ve managed to add Florence Foster Jenkins, Captain Fantastic and Sing Street to the list of nominated films I have watched this award season.  I’d offer a brief review on these films, but I am at a loss for words after watching this combination of movies.


22 Replies to “New Rule – If You’re Unable See Out The Frozen Front Door, You’re Not Allowed To Leave The House”

  1. We’ve yet to see any of those movies – will track them down eventually…
    Maybe your dog is saying she can’t wait to get outside? (Not here, not today, minus 25C before the windchill – we abandoned our snowshoe trip!)

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      1. If your right handed,keep a warm glove on your left that has good grip.Put a pocket warmer in your right pocket.They have many types out there.The charcoal ones put out good heat! When your shooting,keep the glove off of your right hand.Keep it in your right pocket nice & warm.The trick is not to keep it outside for very long.

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    1. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Gabby was quite upset when our day of quality time included a haircut. She’s still not speaking to me. I’m hoping the Packers make it to the Super Bowl and Rodgers has another great game against Dallas.


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