Just Hanging Out And Watching The Sky

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Now that the football season is officially over and rain is forecast for our weather, it sounds like a weekend for hanging out with Inspector Rebus in Rather Be The Devil, the latest book in the great Ian Rankin series, and with Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2.  Other than hanging out with the birds, it has been a slow photography week, but luckily it looks like Friday night’s weather will be clear and offer a great chance to view the snow moon, penumbral lunar eclipse and Comet 45P zooming past Earth at its closest point early Saturday morning.

Last night we were out following the moon and looking for a new location to capture the moon, but the best shot of the evening was still the open sky after discovering several of the locations I was interested in were blocked by trees or power lines.

The only chance that I will see the comet at its best viewing time of 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning, is if Gabby does one of her infamous nighttime barking jags through the house after some phantom noise.  Hopefully, with clear skies I will see the full moon and partial lunar eclipse, which is expected at 7:43 p.m. in the eastern United States or I’ll be back to hanging out with the birds on Saturday.


4 Replies to “Just Hanging Out And Watching The Sky”

  1. Thanks for the moon reminder, ACI; it’s been raining and foggy every night with no moon visible, but today it’s supposed to clear so there might be a chance of some moon views tonight. You and Gabby have a fun time of it! Lovely photos here today….

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    1. Thank you and the forecast said it would be clearing up this afternoon, but so far we still have snow flurries and cloud cover. I’m still hoping to capture some shots tonight, but things aren’t looking to good. If I don’t see anything tonight, at least now I’m really glad I went out in the freezing cold last night.

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  2. Oh that Gabby! Cute enough to forgive the middle of the night ramblings…
    I hope you get the moon shots. If not, your weekend with Rebus and Reeves sounds rather good. High entertainment on the page and the screen – enjoy!

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    1. The moon shots were not what I hoped, but the sunset was beautiful. After all these years of the midnight barking by Gabby I no longer think someone is breaking into the house, but after standing out in the dark taking photos of the moon and hearing sounds in the woods, I’m hoping the only animals she hears partying in the yard all night are the deer.


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