The evening started with a beautiful sunset and accidentally finding a great spot for capturing the moon when we parked the car down the street from the restaurant we chose for dinner.  Unfortunately, the spot provided a limited view of the sunset in the distance and while we were eating dinner someone stole the moon.

There were ducks, trust me there is a duck in this dark photo, but no moon anywhere in sight.  When the moon finally made an appearance later in the backyard, I was finally thawed from the earlier outing, but decided to brave the cold again and captured a few shots of the snow moon.  

I was never able to see the penumbral lunar eclipse and basically decided the next time I wanted to explore the universe it would be at the local planetarium or during the summer.  Gabby did manage to run barking through the house at 3:30 a.m., but any thought of going outside to see the comet was pretty much met with this response.