Nature’s Musings During A Winter Picnic

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Can I see your invitation?

Go rockin’ robin ’cause we’re really gonna rock tonight (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)!

Anybody have any ideas about how to remove the berry stains from my fur?

I better hurry and have a few berries before the berry eating contest begins.

Hurry, someone help Sammy, he’s choking on a berry!

I reserved this spot on my RSVP.

Berry eating contest winner!

I’m not feeling so well, I might have eaten a few too many berries!

24 Replies to “Nature’s Musings During A Winter Picnic”

    1. Thank you! They scattered when I first arrived at their picnic, but they could not resist the berries and quickly returned. The squirrel was more receptive to my presence than the robins, although at one point he did spit a berry at me and, of course, I failed to capture that moment.

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    1. Thank you! Another new park and I was amazed at the number of robins. I thought the one that stopped by our house the other day was a little early for the area, but after seeing this group that obviously is not true. I’m always hoping I will finally capture a bird with a berry in its mouth, but the few shots I managed to capture were blurry. Thankfully, the entertaining squirrel more than made up for the missed shots.

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