After taking this photo and asking myself midweek if there could be a silver lining to having a cold, the answer was a resounding no.  Now that my head no longer feels on the verge of explosion, I was able to find a couple of silver linings and distractions in the few shots taken during the week.

One silver lining, as winter made a reappearance this week, was the thought that I wasn’t missing any nice weather and I should be feeling better by spring.

Sprouting lilies provided hope that spring is on its way.

Finally was able to watch who was wiping out the new bird feeder.  The squirrels showed no shame and were fighting over the best seat.


Don’t buy the look of innocence on this little guy, at one point he was sitting in the middle of the bird feeder.


Had extra time to watch the adorable chickadees and catch up on some shows.  One of the things I love about TV shows nowadays is the great music soundtracks and being introduced to musicians and songs I’ve failed to hear on the radio.