It’s an exciting week for drink, music and fun!

The designated driver will be drinking water on St. Patrick’s Day, but others will be enjoying a sampling of Guinness, Baileys or a nip of Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

There is double the fun this year with the combination of basketball and the love of all things Irish.  The NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness tournament begins Thursday and the second day of one of the greatest sporting events will be celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day.

There is more fun to be had leading up to the tournament with the return of the tv show American Crime tonight and Hap and Leonard – Mucho Mojo on Wednesday evening.

Some prefer a quieter St. Patrick’s Day and will stay in to watch the John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara classic, The Quiet Man.

Others are already practicing their Irish jig and listening to the music of great Irish performers like U2, Van Morrison and The Chieftains.

13 Replies to “Ceol Agus Craic”

    1. Thank you! I took these photos yesterday and thought I would start the celebration early since the St Patrick’s parade is being held today. I was hoping to go downtown for it, but between the cold weather and the lasting effects of my cold, the party will have to start at home and hopefully a little Baileys will cure my cold.

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