It was a smashing afternoon out on another new trail with blue skies, 80 degree weather and characters galore out walking.

Usually when passing other walkers there is a smile, hello and possibly an update on interesting sightings, but on this day we were lucky to have this fellow join us for a bit on the trail.

We enjoyed his company and had no problem with the brief stops to preen his feathers for the next photo

and, if necessary, stop for a brief scratch due to spring allergies and all the feathers flying around.

There was a brief moment of concern, and a flashback to the Seinfeld close-talker episode, when our new companion seemed to not understand personal space boundaries.

I did not fall over like Kramer in the Seinfeld episode, but I certainly wondered if I had not moved if we would have ended up nose to nose.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Finally it was time to part company and, with the tune Me and My Shadow on my mind, we said goodbye to our new friend.

‘Til we meet again.

12 Replies to “Making Friends On The Trail”

    1. I was so surprised when he walked out of the field onto the path. We stopped walking thinking it was crossing the path and then it turned and starting walking toward us and decided to join us for a little while. We loved the company and he seemed to enjoy having his photo taken!

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    1. I was hoping based on the many interesting encounters with birds lately I was developing skills as a bird whisperer, but we did see the sign do not feed the sandhill cranes and we assumed people were ignoring it.


    1. Thank you and it was so much fun to share the trail with the sandhill crane! I loved having the chance to be that close to the crane and he was completely comfortable with my presence. I’m already looking forward to my next walk on the trail!

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